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antony and the johnsons

the antony and the johnsons' appreciation society
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All Members , Moderated
welcome to the antony and the johnsons appreciation society.

in this community you are encouraged to post photos, review cds and performances, link to antony news, rave about his brilliance, talk about side and related projects, the movies he's been in, post decipherd lyrics [please!], tell about your own antony experience, post about upcoming events, shows and/or appearences, talk about or post antony related art/music/other loveliness you yourself are making, other artist we might enjoy- anything antony!

lj-cutting is not required when posting unless youre posting extremely large images [over 700xwhatever pixels, or to your own discretion]. long articles are cut only when archiving. essentially, this is an lj-cut lax community.

please be aware that ANY overt rudeness, fighting, or attacking of members will be dealt with swiftly and severely.

also, please stay on-topic.